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Bill - Invoicing made painless and fun.

Invoicing made painless and fun.

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It doesn't get any easier … just three simple steps to your perfect invoice.

1. Create Invoice

An invoice consists of three parts:
Client Information | Invoice Information | Items, Shipping, Discount, Amount
You can also create quotes. Quotes can be converted into invoices.

Invoices can have an individual number, a due date, can be (automatically) marked as sent, due and paid. Bill will remember clients, addresses, and client numbers for you and you can, of course, import clients directly from your Mac OS X Contacts.app with just one click…

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2. Add Items

Bill remembers recent items. This means you don't have to re-type them all the time; instead you can add them with just one click. Items can consist of a title, a subtitle, the base amount, the quantity, the possible taxes and an optional SKU number.

In addition, you can add (optional) shipping costs and Bill will remember them as well; so again, it's just one simple click to add them. And, of course, you can add - or better yet - subtract an optional discount at any time; either as a fixed amount or a percentage of the total…

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3. Print Invoice

Or directly create a PDF file, or even better, directly send them as email attachments. And since you can allow Bill access to the Mac OS X Contacts.app, it already knows your clients email address. And yes, you can re-print and resend an invoice at any time.

Because I sometimes have a lightbulb moment, you can, of course, create, and therefore print, invoices in any language - even left to right - and create your own templates with just a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Or simply customize one of the existing templates to fit your needs…

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Make easy money!

Do you often have to send out the same invoice to your clients? Or do you have lots of recurring invoices? Then you will love to hear that Bill 2 will let you send out those invoices with just one simple click, thanks to the build-in templates.

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Since just issuing invoices is not all that matters…

Bill can generate individual reports about your general income, paid/unpaid/due invoices, or even single clients. And like everything else in Bill, using the report is a piece of cake and gorgeous to look at.

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